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About Peter Schofield

Peter Schofield, author of For The Want Of A,  is an employer brand consultant and leading pioneer of hiring and retention strategies for skills short markets. 

The trademark of Peter's work is a passionate devotion to the development of best hiring practice; the point where, arguably, competitive advantage begins or is yielded.  His methods have already worked for over seven hundred organisations, helping them to attract, motivate and retain thousands of key people on a permanent and interim basis. 

Peter shares his front-line experience with employers through his busines performance consulting business and regular workshops and seminars on improving organisational performance through hiring and retention.

Peter works in partnership with a leading firm of chartered accountants and business advisors, heading up a specialist hiring management services arm. 

For The Want of a Nail is a private blog published by Peter Schofield which is designed to generate exposure to the positive and negative impacts that hiring practice has on the performance of organisations and the people who work within them; an issue that is a personal passion.



Peter Schofield